Nov 17, 2017 | Thevent Teddy Bear of Spun Gold Golden Retrievers - Ride the Sky Equine Photography

Thevent Teddy Bear of Spun Gold Golden Retrievers

Thevent Teddy Bear, more commonly known as Teddy, is a 4-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever. He is without a doubt the most loving and personable fluffy marshmallow I have ever met.  I had a hard time taking his pictures because as soon as I sat down or laid down on the ground, he was immediately over to visit, give me kisses, and check out the situation.  He loves his humans for sure!

Of course, he loves the girls in his dog pack too. Luna was the latest love of his life and with her he sired a couple of gorgeous litters of puppies. If you want to see some of those cuties, check out this blog post here.

I met the very handsome Thevent Teddy Bear of Spun Gold Golden Retrievers on his very last day here in Chattanooga area.  It was rainy and overcast but Teddy managed to look so very handsome that he brought Tracy to tears when she saw his portraits. 

Teddy has now retired from stud services and has relocated to Ocala, Florida to live with his new forever family as their one and only furbaby. I'm sure they are spoiling him rotten! 

Spun Gold Retrievers
Spun Gold Retrievers
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