Betsy Bird Equine Photographer - Ride the Sky Equine Photography

A note from Betsy...

Growing up on a small horse boarding farm outside of Athens, Georgia and suffering from a complete lack of cable television fueled my love of all things horse to obsessive levels. 

My first horse was a green-broke (to use the term VERY loosely) buckskin pinto pony that my parents purchased for $200. Quite frankly, I'm amazed my parents actually agreed to bring him home considering that during my test ride (better known as a test buck and gallop), resulted in me flat on my back, and being left in the dust.

But, purchase him they did and Continental Cloud came to live at Flintlock Farm. I lived to spend time with him. He never spoke a word but he lived through my joy, my tears, my triumphs and my failures. That bond between us has never broken - even though he passed away several years ago.

To this day, an image of Cloud and I, taken upon our triumphant return from our very first show, hangs in my parents' house and when I see that image, I'm transported back those days, those emotions and those memories of that special pony, my best friend.

Now, with over 25 years of experience in the horse world, and presently living in a neighborhood that doesn't offer the option of horses on the playground or in the community swimming pool, it's only natural that my horse obsession manifests itself in creating rich, classic, and timeless images for equines...and the equestrians who love them. 


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